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  1. Kupe named many localities including Arapāoa, Mana, the islands Matiu (Somes Island) and Mākaro in the Wellington region, Kohukohu, Pouahi, Maungataniwha and Hokianga in the north. These names have been preserved by generations of Māori people settling the regions
  2. Many Māori iwi (tribes) believe that Kupe was the first Polynesian to arrive in Aotearoa (New Zealand) about 1,000 years ago. While stories differ from region to region, according to tradition, Kupe's voyage across the Pacific Ocean was due to his pursuit of a great octopus that was troubling his homeland of Hawaiki (Tahiti)
  3. Kupe. Kupe was a 10th-century figure who, according to some sources of Māori oral history and tradition, discovered and first settled the island of Aotearoa, nowadays New Zealand. He leads the Māori in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
  4. g of Kupe From Hawaiki To New Zealand, Journal of the Polynesian Society, September 1893, pp.147-15
  5. Kupe's travels around Aotearoa The great battle between Kupe, his warriors, and the giant wheke (octopus) of Muturangi took place at the top of the South Island. Kupe's children, wife, and other whānau members stayed at Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington), to gather supplies and to keep safe from what Kupe knew would be a fierce sea battle
  6. Basics of Kupe/Maori: Starts in the ocean. Embarked units +5 combat strength, +2 movement. 2 science/culture prior to founding first city. First city receives a builder, has +1 pop, +3 housing, and +1 amenity. Starts with Sailing and Shipbuilding. Unimproved woods have +1 production, turns into +2 when conservation researched

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  1. Kupe. According to Māori myth, New Zealand (Aotearoa in the Māori language) was discovered by Kupe, a fisherman and Rangatira (chief) from Hawaiki. Kupe's fishing grounds were being troubled by an octopus, who kept eating all the bait off of the fisherman's lines
  2. The Māori technically have no start bias, but Kupe's leader ability creates special starting rules which function akin to an ocean start bias. The precise mechanics of this are detailed as part of Kupe's leader ability
  3. Kupe landed his waka on the east coast of Aotearoa. His people explored the new land and gathered much needed supplies. Kupe took his dog, Tauaru, across land to the Hokianga harbour. They left footprints in the soft clay while walking around the shoreline. Over many years the footprints turned to stone and have remained there to this day
  4. According to Māori, the first explorer to reach New Zealand was Kupe. Using the stars and ocean currents as his navigational guides, he ventured across the Pacific on his waka hourua (voyaging canoe) from his ancestral Polynesian homeland of Hawaiki. It is thought that Kupe made landfall at the Hokianga Harbour in Northland, around 1000 years ago
  5. der of your commitment to charting new territory and of our commitment to helping you succeed Mentoring, to help you thrive throughout your studies and into employment. To be eligible, you are required to:be of New Zealand Māori or Pacific descent. have Māori.
  6. CIVILIZATION ABILITIESCiv ability - ManaStarts with Sailing and Shipbuilding unlocked and the ability to enter Ocean tiles. Embarked units gain +5 Combat Str..
  7. Kupe was the discoverer of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Hokianga is the cradle of Māori nationhood. Footprints of Kupe According to the story, Kupe's wife, Kuramārōtini, named the land Aotearoa after sighting clouds in the distance (the indigenous name for New Zealand meaning long white cloud)
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Kupe is a decision support tool to help you or a whanau member decide if they should get a prostate cancer check. Decide if a check is right for you. Kupe was the chief navigator who traversed challenging seas, to steer the great migration of Māori to Aotearoa Aotearoa Māori name for New Zealand Māori | noun. These evocative images of important Kupe sites are just a few of the 36 images produced as part of the exhibition Kupe Sites, developed for touring to venues across Aotearoa. Kupe and his stories are of immense importance to the many iwi who trace their whakapap Māori tribal authorities also give regionally different accounts of Kupe. In general, these Māori authorities reject the idea that Kupe was a figure of myth and regard him as an historical, exploring ancestor. They leave the scholarship to the scholars and say: Mōku te kupu, ko ahau e mōhio Legendary Maori voyager. Many traditions describe the exploits of Kupe. He was a shadowy figure and there are therefore inconsistencies in the accounts of his activities. In Hawaiki Kupe is said to have coveted Kurumaro-tini, the wife of Hoturapa and possessor of the Matahorua canoe

Kupe is figure in Māori mythology, but like Gilgamesh, Hiawatha, and others, he is believed to be an actual historic figure. Historians have constructed accounts of Kupe's life that differ from the various oral legends of the Maori and Polynesian peoples Playing as the Māori under Kupe, you will embark on an adventure finding the promised land for your people, and from there you will build up an empire with an inexorable culture. Kupe's Voyage [edit | edit source] Initially, your Settler and Warrior will start their journey in the middle of the Ocean with no land tiles in sight The arrival of Kupe in Aotearoa marked the beginning of Māori culture and customs in New Zealand. The early Māori were known to have established their own traditions and rituals until the arrival of European settlers. The new arrivals had a huge impact on the lives of Māori, their language and tikanga. Traditional Māori lifestyl

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Footprints of Kupe offers you a unique cultural encounter, journeying into Te Ao Māori, the Māori world. Manea - Footprints of Kupe is a 75-minute multisensory journey of guided storytelling - through art, taonga (cultural treasures), film, performance, digital interaction, and the splendour of Hokianga's natural surroundings Kupe is said to be the first person to Captain a waka to New Zealand. He is a well-known figure in Māori legend. Kupe was the only Māori traveller to make the return journey from New Zealand to Hawaiki, the original home of the Māori and Polynesians

Aotearoa (Māori: [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]; commonly pronounced by English speakers as / ˌ ɑː oʊ t iː ə ˈ r oʊ ə /) is the Māori name for New Zealand.It was originally used by the Māori people in reference to only the North Island but, since the late 19th century, the word has come to refer to the whole archipelago. Several meanings have been proposed for the name; the most popular. Before Cook there was Kupe Centuries before James Cook entered the Pacific Ocean Polynesians had reached the fringes of the so-called 'Polynesian Triangle'. The ancestors of the Māori had branched out from their east Polynesian homeland in voyages of discovery that were both purposeful and planned Legends of the Māori by Maui Pomare. Written by the great Maui Pomare, this book contains Māori history, mythology and folk lore, as well as poetry and stories of old New Zealand. Read More. Kupe and te Wheke a Muturangi. According to the narratives, Kupe pursued an octopus known as Te Wheke a Muturangi from Hawaiiki to Aotearoa The Kupe Charitable Trust, Seatoun, New Zealand. 200 likes · 2 were here. Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Mokopuna - Wellington's total immersion Māori schoo

Me Tvattbjorn playing the funny game Civilization VI: The Gathering Storm it will be a gameplay and in some way a Walkthrough, but I won't go for all the stu.. Kupe. A renowned chieftain of Hawaiki, and the first (Māori) discoverer of New Zealand.He went out fishing in the canoe Matahōrua, with a friend named Hotu-rapa, and the latter's wife.Kupe induced Hotu to dive into the sea to free a fishing-line, then sailed away with the woman, whose name was Kura-maro-tini, the daughter of Toto, and sister-in-law of Turi

Kupe recounts his adventures (Simmons 1976:26-27). South Island The few references to Kupe in South Island sources indicate that the traditions are substantially the same as those of Ngāti Kahungunu, with whom Ngāi Tahu, the main tribe of the South Island, had strong genealogical and trading links (Simmons 1976:34) Information from Kupe Waa. Please visit www.kupewaa.com for more information. Hello, Welcome to my website.... I am against the New Zealand Māori 2021 Ngapuhi Treaty of Waitangi Settlement process... In its present form because it strengthens capitalism Endorsement of Māori or Pasifika heritage and evidence of refugee status if applicable. A key feature of the Ngā Hoe a Kupe Pathfinder Scholarship programme is an active partnership between the recipient, their whānau/family/support network and the University The creator of a new Māori animation programme based on Kupe hopes to turn it into a web series. The author of 'the adventures of Kupe and Niwa', Dr. Rapata Wiri wants to see more Māori language animation resources The Land of the Long White Cloud. As Maori legend tells it, Kupe and his crew from Hawaiki were the first to find New Zealand. After difficulty fishing near their homeland, Kupe used nifty navigational skills to find new land using the ocean currents, wind, stars, birds and wave patterns

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Te Whakangungutanga ki Ngā Tāiro a Kupe | Bachelor of Arts (Māori) is a full-time, three year programme (or equivalent part-time) which will enable you to pursue a professional career in a variety of fields. In particular, the programme is designed to: Give you proficiency in Māori language, customs and cultur Kupe named this new land Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. In Cook Strait, Kupe's canoes were confronted by an octopus of gigantic proportions. This pet of Hoturapa's was sent by him to score vengeance upon Kupe who had stolen his wife. Kupe and the octopus engaged in fierce battle, with neither gaining any ground From Kupe to Cook. Buck, Sir P. 305.8994 BUC. The coming of the Māori. 1949. This book looks at the history, traditions, customs, culture, social organisation and economic life of Māori and Polynesians. Evans, J. 993.011 EVA. Nga waka o nehera: the first voyaging canoes. 1997

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This is the story of Te Pehi Kupe and his amazing travels, as told in my recent book, The Meeting Place: Maori and Pakeha Encounters, 1642-1840. It must have been one of those rare Wellington days. In February 1824 the trading vessel Urania found itself becalmed as it attempted to make its passage through Cook Strait identification and management of whānau Māori experiences within hospitals. Therefore, it is expected this research will provide insight into improving the quality of care that whānau Māori experience within the Aotearoa New Zealand health care system. NGĀ TAERO A KUPE: WHĀNAU MĀORI EXPERIENCES OF IN-HOSPITAL ADVERSE EVENTS

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Home > ; News > ; 2019 > ; Pasifika Kupe scholar's passion for cultural diversity. 20 September 2019. Salome Fa'aso'o was one of two University of Canterbury (UC) Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) students to receive Kupe Māori and Pacific High Achievers scholarships from the Honourable Kelvin Davis, Associate Minister of Education (Māori Education), at an award celebration. Māori student and previous Te Ara a Kupe Beaton Scholarship winner, Sam, gains admission to Harvard. Some 3 years ago, 15-year-old Sam applied for Crimson's Te Ara a Kupe Beaton Scholarship figuring he might as well throw his hat in the ring Kupe - Voyaging by the Stars - According to Māori legend Aotearoa was found by the explorer Kupe, chasing an octopus from Ra'iatea, Tahiti. This documentary follows Northland building contractor Hekenukumai 'Hector' Busby, as he leads the construction of a waka hourua (double-hulled canoe), then retraces Kupe's course across the Pacific, back to Rarotonga Kupe is a legendary figure that features prominently in the mythology and oral history of some Māori iwi (tribes). Various legends and histories describe Kupe as being involved with the Polynesian discovery of Aotearoa (New Zealand), around 1300 C however, the details differ from iwi to iwi. Wikipedia. I started the game by settling on an island Explore Māori culture through pūrākau about creation myths including; gods, goddesses, whenua, taniwha, Ranginui and Papatūānuku, the exploits of Māui, the voyage of Kupe and the discovery of Aotearoa. SCIS no. 180830

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The legend of Kupe. In traditional Māori oral history, 1000 years ago Kupe, his wife, Kuramārōtini (sometimes known as Hine-te-aparangi) and tohunga, Pekahourangi, were the first explorers to discover Aotearoa, later renamed New Zealand The Kupe Charitable Trust Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Mokopuna - Wellington's total immersion Māori school Discover the world of Kupe, the first Māori explorer to Aoteroa through a historical walking tour of Seatoun's peninsula hosted by the school of Ngā Mokopuna Kupe was an early Pacific navigator of exceptional mana, skill and knowledge. Learn more about some of the many stories and place names related to Kupe in Aotearoa New Zealand. Cook's First Voyage to New Zealand. A Māori land. See the history of Māori arrivals from 1200,. Accordingly, the Board now considers it an appropriate time to review Genesis' ongoing ownership of its 46 percent interest in Kupe, Genesis said in a statement to the stock exchange. Australia's Beach Energy has a 50 percent stake in the field, with NZ Oil & Gas owning the remaining 4 percent

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This traditional tale features in the oral traditions of many iwi. It tells of how Kupe discovered Aotearoa while pursuing a giant wheke (octopus) across the Pacific. As he chased the creature around Aotearoa, Kupe explored the new land and named many places Kupe's anchor. Māori Star Compass. Double-hulled canoes. Fishing Lure. Carved Dog. Voyaging Ancestors. Anchor Stone of the Tokomaru. Maui's Fish Hook. Memorial to the Aotea. Further Information 'Pacific migrations', on Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand. 'Ideas of Māori Origins', on Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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  1. Northland Regional Council forks out for Opononi Kupe centre. The Northland Regional Council has announced they will make a $500,000 contribution to a planned $8mil plus cultural centre at Opononi. The 'Manea Footprints of Kupe' project is the brainchild of Te Hua o te Kawariki Trust and would see a cultural heritage tourism and education centre.
  2. Kupe of Māori Summary: A nature-loving people who exceed at generating statistics without destroying the land. Much has been said about the Kupe, thanks to their unique starting position in the.
  3. Journey into a unique part of New Zealand, first discovered over 1,000 years ago by the Māori voyager Kupe. Visit the Waipoua Forest and meet a national icon, the mighty kauri tree Tāne Mahuta. You'll also spend time in seaside towns and inside glowworm caves on this full-day tour from Paihia. Book online and save 10%
  4. <p>Kupe Scholars strike out for far horizons and chart new territory on their quest to succeed. They embrace diversity and bring energy and enthusiasm to teaching. The bar is set high, but if you're among the select few chosen, you'll enjoy increased status and leadership potential with future employers.</p>
  5. Kupe sī Māori ê pō͘-cho̍k kò͘-sū tang-tiong thâu chi̍t-ê hoat-kiàn kin-á-ji̍t New Zealand chit ūi ê Polynesia lâng. Chham-chiàu [siu-kái | kái goân-sí-bé] Page 6. Kupe. Story: First peoples in Māori tradition. Te Ara
  6. Comments. According to Māori legend Aotearoa was found by the explorer Kupe, chasing an octopus from Ra'iatea, Tahiti. This documentary follows Northland building contractor Hekenukumai 'Hector' Busby, as he leads the construction of a waka hourua (double-hulled canoe), then retraces Kupe's course across the Pacific, back to Rarotonga
  7. Kupe provides around 15 percent of the country's natural gas and half of LPG demand. In August, its gas reserves were revised up by more than 20 percent

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Kupe Scholarships recognise highly accomplished Māori and Pacific student teachers 19 September 2019. 29 Māori and Pacific student teachers have been awarded prestigious Kupe Scholarships in recognition of their high academic achievement and leadership potential, at a ceremony hosted by Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis in Parliament today Northland New Zealand is where it all began. Over 1000 years ago, Kupe arrived and named this place Aotearoa. Today, many iwi trace their ancestry back to Kupe and some of the oldest traces of Māori settlement, or kainga, can be found in Northland. Discover Northland's history and culture Entrance to Here: Kupe to Cook with anchor stone made by Wi Teapa visible on the left Over 1,000 years ago, Kupe was one of the first oceanic navigators to reach New Zealand. Using the stars and ocean currents as his navigational guides, Kupe travelled from his homeland Hawaiki, across the Pacific to arrive in Aotearoa The Hokianga is the cradle of Māori nationhood and was home to Kupe, New Zealand's first discoverer, for 40 years. The attraction itself is 20 years in the making and aims to preserve, communicate and celebrate Kupe's voyage to Hokianga, his journeys across the country and his departure, as well as the stories of repopulation and the progression of his descendants

Kupe, according to tribal narrative, is the Polynesian navigator who discovered the islands of Aotearoa. For more information on the Kupe Scholarships for Māori and Pasifika High Achievers click here Traditions tell of the legendary navigator - Kupe who discovered Aotearoa New Zealand. Some time later the first small groups arrived from Polynesia. Now known as Māori, these tribes did not identify themselves by one name until the arrival of Europeans when, to identify themselves the name Māori, meaning 'ordinary', was used The need for change is critical to the quality of care that whānau Māori experience within the Aotearoa New Zealand health and disability system. The report name, Ngā Taero a Kupe , refers to the kareao (supplejacks), tataramoa (brambles), tūmata-kuru (spear grass) and ongaonga (nettles), which are called 'The Obstructions of Kupe' When our Māori ancestor, Kupe first discovered the North Island, there were long white clouds settled over the land. It was then, he and his wife Kuramarotini named their new homelands, Aotearoa meaning, land of the long white cloud Kupe Sites presents 36 stunning black-and-white photographs that show physical landmarks associated with Kupe's voyage to Aotearoa Aotearoa New Zealand Māori | Noun.It also tells some of the stories of these special places. The photographs are supported by a map locating the sites, as well as an audiovisual of iwi representatives from the four districts covered in Kupe Sites (northern New.

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Who was the first Māori in New Zealand? According to the Māori legend , the first explorer to enter New Zealand was Kupe. Using the stars and ocean currents as his guidelines, he travelled across the Pacific on his waka hourua/voyaging canoe that was originally from his ancestral Polynesian homeland of Hawaiki Kāore a Kupe i haramai i runga i ngā waka nei (TPH 27/3/1905:4). / Kupe did not come on these canoes. Ko te waiata nei he whakautu nā Irihāpeti Rangiteapakura i te tono a Toihau, he kupu tuku noa mai i te takiwā, kāore i haramaitia ā-tinanatia; koia te 'pare ā-waha' (M 2004:20) Te reo Māori navigation. Home. Curriculum guidelines; Teacher tools; Reo Māori resources. He Reo Kōmanawa; Tōku Kōhanga Board Books Set 2008 (Bundle) code: 119228; Kupe. Kupe. kupe_macrons-4 (Word 0B) Return to top. Footer Information. Home; Contact Te Reo Māori; Disclaimer; Sitemap; Site map. Footer: TKI - Te Kete Ipurangi

Yes, Kupe is hugely OP on islands in my opinion. Haven't played this expansion much and beat it on immortal with Kupe - scientific victory. Also it's novel to start on the water. My settings on islands, would be abundant resources and normal sea level, also I like to remove one civ on a large map Ki ngā kōrero o ētahi iwi, ko Kupe he kaitoro rongonui; nāna a Aotearoa i whakatōmene. Further reading (in Maori and in English) Te Whetu, Te Haerenga Mai O Kupe I Hawaiki: The Coming of Kupe From Hawaiki To New Zealand , Journal of the Polynesian Society , September 1893, pp.147-15

Kupe Scholarships are designed to attract highly talented Māori and Pasifika to the teaching profession and to help them become inspiring teachers and role models. Thirty scholars were selected for 2016 from across the country TeachNZ recently opened the 2015 Kupe Scholarships for Māori and Pasifika High Achievers. We encourage top students to apply by Monday 29 June. The prestigious Kupe Scholarships are for teaching students of Māori or Pasifika descent who are expected to become outstanding role models in early childhood, primary or secondary education C 1000AD: Kupe Discovers Aotearoa The great Polynesian navigator, Kupe, sails here from Hawaiiki and named this untouched 'Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud'. 1400s: The Great Migration One of seven great waka (canoes) used to migrate from Hawaiiki, the Mataatua reaches the Bay of Islands, where Māori establish many tribes

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Finally, after a long pursuit, Kupe killed Te Wheke a Muturangi in the Cook Strait and its eyes were placed upon the isles known as The Brothers. This place is considered tapu as considered a popular landmark among Māori when travelling to the South Island In Civilization, leaders get a powerful unique ability.For the Māori, Kupe's Voyage has been inspired by the hero's legendary discovery of New Zealand. Unlike other peoples, the Māori will start.

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  1. In Māori tradition, Matahourua was the canoe of the legendary hero Kupe, who, in some accounts, was the discoverer of Aotearoa (New Zealand) (Craig 1989:161, Grey 1970:108, 161-3). He left his cousin Hoturapa to drown during a fishing expedition and kidnapped his wife, Kuramarotini, with whom he fled in her great canoe Matawhourua
  2. May 20, 2016 - Kupe's travels around Aotearoa / Māori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories / Te Reo Māori / Support materials / Home - Mātauranga Māori
  3. Kupe gathered his people and began to build a canoe, a large ocean going canoe, which he called Matahorua. When the vessel was complete, Kupe stocked it with supplies, readying it for a lengthy sea journey. Kupe's wife, Hine-te-Aparangi, their whanau, and many warriors and fishermen from the tribe boarded the new canoe and set out on their journey
  4. Māori Gods* Experience Verbs* Funerals* At School* Mihi* At Work* Months of the Year* Flax* Days of the week* Christmas* Numbers* At the Beach* Colours* In the Garden* Shopping* Washing clothes* Verbs that take 'ki' Family: Statives: Pronouns: Some Verbs: Idiomatic phrases group 1: Idiomatic phrases group 2: Winte
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Recognition of Tikanga Māori.1 This is the law brought across vast ocean distances by Kupe and Toi and others from their respective home islands in the tropical Pacific to these shores a millennium ago. Understanding this law (more accurately these laws for the laws were distinct in each sourc Put bluntly, Māori have been given an invitation to the dance, where the venue, playlist and menu are set by the hosts, and the hosts are unlikely to look like them or share their values or. The Kupe Scholarships are part of a drive to encourage more high calibre professionals into teaching, with a strong focus on increasing the number of Te Reo Maori speakers. From more than 90 applications ,21 Māori and nine Pacific scholars were selected nationwide, based on their strong academic success and demonstrable leadership experience in their respective communities Kupe: | | ||| | House carving showing Kupe (holding a paddle), wi... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled

First known encounter between Māori and EuropeansProw of Te Awatea Hou – Marlborough region – Te AraHokianga Harbour panorama | The Hokianga Harbour is a long
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