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(Note : Import licence approved under temporary import/export arrangement are only valid for 3 months from the date of issue). Allow part-shipment i.e. products covered by one import licence may be imported into Hong Kong in separate shipments within the validity of the licence. Procedures for using import licence if no part-shipment is require Most items controlled for National Security (NS), Nuclear Proliferation (NP), Missile Technology (MT), and Chemical Biological (CB) require an import and/or export license per Hong Kong regulations, even if such items are authorized for export from the United States to Hong Kong under a License Exception or the designation No License Required (NLR) Any persons, who import or export Optical Disc Mastering and Replication Equipment (ODMRE), are required to apply for import or export licence. Application can be made by two means. By online application: Applicant may apply for import or export licence for ODMRE through the Trade Single Window (Opens a new window) . By paper application The exporter should deliver the export licence to the carrier before the export of the goods. The carrier should deliver the export licence together with a copy or extract of the relevant export manifest to Trade and Industry Department within 14 days after the day on which the goods are exported Any person who imports into Hong Kong in the personal baggage solely for his personal use in an amount not exceeding 15 kilograms may be exempted from the requirement of an import licence provided that the meat or poultry in question is accompanied by a valid official certificate recognized by the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene

Import of Animals and Birds Import of Animal Carcasses and Animal Products Export of Animals & Products of Animal Origin Collection of Animals at Hong Kong International Airport Quarantine Detector Dog Programme Report Information Against Illegal Import of Animals Guideline for the Import and Export of Animals and Birds and Animal Products Frequently Asked Questions Application Form (e. Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel No. : 2398 5325 Shroff Office Drug Evaluation and Import/Export Control Division Department of Health Suites 2002-05, 20/F AIA Kowloon Tower, Landmark East 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel No. : 3974 4178 How to Complete the Application Forms 4 Hong Kong's Strategic Commodities Control System requires companies wishing to import/export certain goods, such as military equipment or chemicals to register for a licence to do so. Goods in transit, provided they don't leave the vehicle they are being transported in, are exempted from the import/export licensing requirements

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An exporter or reexporter must obtain the documents described in paragraph (a)(1)(i) or (a)(1)(ii) of this section before using a license issued by BIS to export or reexport to Hong Kong any item subject to the EAR and controlled on the CCL for NS, MT, NP column 1, or CB reasons turned off when import to/export from Hong Kong. Do I need to apply the import/export permit? A9 : Damaged RTA may still have RTA's function, you are advised to apply for import/export permit for the RTAs. Regarding import/export turned off RTAs, import/export permit is required For enquiries, please contact Health Inspector (Import/Export) Import Licensing at (852) 2156 3041 or (852) 2156 3042. Enquiries may also be sent to the following e-mail address : fsc@fehd.gov.hk or by fax at (852) 2521 4784. Import Control and Food Safety Guidelines. Guide to Import of Mainland Chilled Chickens into Hong Kong

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748.13 Hong Kong import and export licenses. § 748.13 Hong Kong import and export licenses. (a) Requirement to obtain the document - (1) Exports and reexports to Hong Kong. An exporter or reexporter must obtain the documents described in paragraph (a)(1)(i) or (a)(1)(ii) of this section before using a license issued by BIS to export or reexport to Hong Kong any item subject to the EAR and. exporter has obtained a copy of the Hong Kong import license or a copy of NLR Notification or website information prior to export) that are subsequently reexported from Hong Kong are not required to obtain a copy of the Hong Kong export license. However, the Hong Kong party must have obtained a Hong Kong export license or NL By Scott Wise & Robert Slack on June 30, 2020 Posted in Export Controls and Sanctions Today the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced that it is suspending license exceptions for exports, re-exports, or transfers to or within Hong Kong that provide differential treatment than license exceptions available for shipments to mainland China

Import and Export (With PLAMMS information) Wholesale Trader. Retail Trader. Manufacturer. Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance (Cap. 231) Regulation of Advanced Therapy Products. Exports. Hong Kong's import and export trading sector provides services mainly in the form of offshore buying and selling of goods. Given Hong Kong's location and the relocation of Hong Kong's manufacturing bases to the mainland, particularly the Pearl River Delta, mainland China is a major source of offshore trading activities § 748.13 - Hong Kong import and export licenses. (a) Requirement to obtain the document - (1) Exports and reexports to Hong Kong. An exporter or reexporter must obtain the documents described in paragraph (a)(1)(i) or (a)(1)(ii) of this section before using a license issued by BIS to export or reexport to Hong Kong any item subject to the EAR and controlled on the CCL for NS, MT, NP column 1. For detailed information about the import and export control, as well as other supporting documents as may be required by the importing and/or exporting authorities, including origin certification, import and export manifest, and import and export declaration, members of the public are advised to contact the government departments concerned According to the State Department announcement, they will no longer grant licenses for export of U .S. origin defense equipment to Hong Kong. Going forward the State Department will apply the same license determination for dual -use items and technologies for Hong Kong that they apply for China. The change is effective as of June 29, 2020. 2

If you regularly import products containing encryption into Hong Kong, you've probably encountered problems with obtaining an import license from the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department (TID). Over the past few months, we've seen the import licensing process in Hong Kong taking longer and becoming more and more stringent. The average time to obtain an import license for any [ New TID circular states that Hong Kong export licenses approved on the basis of License Exception CIV will no longer be applicable after 29 June 2020. In depth. Hong Kong regulates military and dual-use items under the Import and Export Ordinance (Chapter 60) and the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations (Chapter 60G) import/re-export with a view to facilitating the importer/exporter or cargo forwarder in the transportation of RTA which is brought into Hong Kong solely for re-export out of Hong Kong. Radiocommunications Apparatus for Personal Use 4. Under section 7 of the Telecommunications (Telecommunication

Under a BIS final rule, exporters or reexporters must first obtain a copy of a valid Hong Kong import license (or a written statement from the Hong Kong government that an import license is not required, which may come in the form of a no license required notification) before exporting or reexporting to Hong Kong any item subject to the Export Administration Regulations and controlled on. Are you going to export your used cars from Hong Kong to overseas? Contact Atlantis Motors ! Atlantis Motors provides car export service. We can help on your vehicle export, vehicle moving, vehicle transport, car moving, vehicle shipping, vehicle relocation services. If you have any needs on car export and vehicle export in Hong Kong, contact Atlantis Motors now

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