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Miniature American Shepherd Information The Miniature American Shepherd is a small size herding dog that originated in the United States. He is slightly longer than tall with bone that is moderate and in proportion to body size and height without extremes. Movement is smooth, easy, and balanced Temperament. The Miniature American Shepherd is described as an intelligent working breed with strong instincts for herding and flock guarding. It is easy to train, enthusiastic and persistent toward its work, and is protective, devoted and loyal to its family

Miniature American Shepherd är en vallhund av mindre storlek och har sitt ursprung i Förenta Staterna (USA). Den är något längre än den är hög, har måttligt kraftig benstomme i förhållande till storlek och är utan överdrifter. Rörelserna är smidiga, lätta och balanserade The Miniature American Shepherd may be wary towards strangers, but not shy or aggressive. Being a herding breed, he would always be eager for a job and perform it to his utmost capacity. Having a high level of intelligence, the MAS, is brilliant in problem-solving and performing tricks

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Storlek och utseende. Mankhöjd för hanar är 35,5-46 cm och för tikar 33-43,5 cm. Kroppen är något längre än hög och hunden ska ge ett intryck av djup och styrka utan överdrifter. Färgerna är många och färgteckningen mycket individuell. Hunden kan vara enfärgad eller melerad, med eller utan tanteckningar eller vita markeringar Mini American Shepherd Temperament Just like its appearance, the temperament of the Miniature American Shepherd is very similar to that of the Aussie breed. Mini Americans are known for being intelligent, motivated, and active Vi föder upp sunda Miniature American Shepherds med ett trevligt temperament, som passar lika bra som älskad vän och familjemedlem som pålitlig tränings- och tävlingskompis. Besök vår kennelsida på ljuvliga.se och följ gärna vår vardag här ute på ön på @kennelljuvliga på instagram och faceboo

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Storlek och utseende. Mankhöjd för hanar är 35,5-46 cm och för tikar 33-43,5 cm. Kroppen är något längre än hög och hunden ska ge ett intryck av djup och styrka utan överdrifter. Färgerna är många och färgteckningen mycket individuell Miniature American Shepherd Personality and Temperament. The Miniature American Shepherd has a lot going for him. He tends to be highly intelligent, enthusiastic and devoted to his family. The MAS is usually gentle with children and polite to other dogs and cats, especially when he is raised with them

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Temperament/Behavior. The Miniature American Shepherd is a friendly and playful breed that has lots of energy and an eager-to-please attitude. These dogs make great family pets because they are loyal and affectionate with family and because they get along well with children The Miniature American Shepherd shares many physical traits with its forebear the Australian Shepherd—only on a smaller scale. Females stand between 13 and 17 inches at the shoulder; males range.. Postat i hunduppfödning, miniature american shepherd, Personliga reflektioner Taggad hundarna, miniature american shepherd, Personliga reflektioner KENNEL LJUVLIGA Vi föder upp sunda Miniature American Shepherds med ett trevligt temperament, som passar lika bra som älskad vän och familjemedlem som pålitlig tränings- och tävlingskompis The Inner Miniature American Shepherd Temperament. The Miniature American Shepherd is an intelligent breed, and since it was bred to be a working dog it has qualities you would want from such a dog, hard working, committed, enthusiastic and determined Miniature American Shepherd Temperament The Miniature American Shepherd is a fun loving, highly intelligent, all around great children's dog. He is gentle with other pets, especially when raised with them

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Miniature American Shepherds have a higher than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Shetland Sheepdogs have a low tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Impulse to Wander or Roam Miniature American Shepherds (MAS), also known as Mini Americans or Mini Aussies, are one of the most recent yet loveable doggos in the canine world. Despite its small size, this intelligent and energetic fido is an excellent candidate as a family companion 2. Where Miniature American Shepherds Came From. Some small Australian Shepherds in California in the 1960s were bred to keep their size and temperament. They were originally called Mini Aussies and are sometimes still referred to by that name today. The Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA, Inc. was formed in 1990 Our ideal Miniature American Shepherd (also known as MAS) is one that meets the AKC breed standard, has a wonderful temperament and is 15-16 inches in height. We want a dog that can compete and win in performance events, herding trials and the conformation show ring and then lay on the couch beside us at night Stellar Miniature American Shepherd. Robinson, Texas, United States (254) 315-1787 info@stellarminiamericanshepherds.co

The Australian Shepherd originated on western America's ranches as a stock dog and guard, moving stock long distances and keeping a watchful eye over his charges. Aussies retain a strong herding instinct, and are noted for intelligence, energetic temperament and train ability. The Miniature Australian Shepherd should not be regarded as an easy. The Miniature American Shepherd was bred first in the United States as a small herding and working dog. The Miniature American Shepherd (at that time still the Miniature Australian Shepherd ) was first developed in the late 1960s by breeding what was thought to be small Australian Shepherds, and by the mid-1970s the breed had reached its current desired size

Miniature American Shepherd Info, Temperament, Puppies

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Find similarities and differences between Miniature Australian Shepherd vs Miniature American Shepherd. Compare Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd and {name3}. Which is better: Miniature Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd At first glance, the Miniature American Shepherd (MAS) might look an awful lot like an Australian Shepherd. Well, as it happens, that's no coincidence. This newly recognized breed originated in California in the 1960s, when a group of dog fanciers who shared a love of the Australian Shepherd decided to create a smaller version of the breed At Andaluz Miniature American Shepherds, we raise exceptional animals in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on healthy and happy dogs. We put great emphasis on temperament and breeding to the MAS standard. Puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture program in our home

Miniature American Shepherd! Have you ever wondered 'Whats the difference between American Shepherds and Australian Shepherds?' or 'Should I buy a Mini Austr.. The Miniature American Shepherd's story starts in 1960s California. At that time, the Australian Shepherd was a popular breed, but they require plenty of space and are extremely active. With most owners living in urban areas, a smaller dog was ideal but with the same great desirable temperament

En miniature american shepherd, MAS, ska vara en alert hund med energiska, lätta rörelser. Det är en vig och smidig hund, stark och uthållig. Storleken varierar från 33-46 cm, kroppen är något längre än hög. Pälsen är medellång med underull, färgerna många och färgteckningen mycket individuell Temperament: The Miniature American Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. An exceptional companion, he is versatile and easily trained,.. Miniature american shepherd temperament erziehbar. Temperament: Miniature American Shepherd är intelligent och primärt en arbetande hund med framträdande vall- och vaktegenskaper. Eftersom de är exceptionella följeslagare är de mångsidiga och lättlärda och utför sina arbetsuppgifter med stor stil och entusiasm

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Dodge City Mini's is a Miniature American Shepherd hobby breeder concentrating on health and temperament and the written breed standard.We try to never have more than 1 litter at a time so we can give all of our attention to each puppy and parent. All dogs are tested for hereditary diseases including MDR1 PRA OFA HIPS HEARTS, DM and HC and all dogs. The Miniature American Shepherd is a relatively young breed, only being AKC recognized since 2015. I will do my part to always breed to the breed standard for the betterment and improvement of the breed. I am a big believer in paying it forward. A percentage of all our puppy purchases will go to the local humane society or other local charity. Svenska Miniature American Shepherdklubbens hemsida . Vad kul att du vill läsa mer om vår underbara och trevliga ras. Länk till vår Facebooksida hittar du här.. SMASK eftersträvar att främja vår ras och behålla en sund ras samt främja deras behov av vallning och arbete The Miniature American Shepherd is small in stature and slightly longer than he is tall. The breed is a true athlete, solid of build, quick, and able to sustain his energy through long days spent herding or playing sports. Miniature American Shepherds have an alert demeanor, always at the ready for commands from their owner to get to work or play

Miniature American Shepherd - Keecam MAS. From our family to yours...health tested, stable temperament, beautiful conformation, all in one lovable little package, Keecam Miniature American Shepherds Temperament/Personality The Miniature American Shepherd has a life expectancy in the range of 12 to 13 years. Intelligent, alert, and even-tempered, the Miniature American Shepherd is a wonderful family pet and is great with children

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The Miniature American Shepherd is a small to medium sized dog which is originally bred as a herding dog. It is a lively, active, and hardworking dog best suited in the farm and also as a family companion due to their gentle, playful and loving nature. Their coat is medium-sized, dense and straight to wavy Versatile, enthusiastic and quick to learn, the Miniature American Shepherd is a protective, good-natured, devoted and loyal companion At CowboyUp you will find AKC & CKC reg'd Miniature American Shepherds that excel in temperament - our dogs are raised with cats and kids, and have stable, biddable temperaments. Health is also a top priority - all dogs are OFA tested for hips and elbows, eyes CERF tested and a full Aussie health panel is done before entering our program MINI AMERICANS began as Mini Aussies. They truly are 100% Australian Shepherd in a smaller size. At Saddleup Stables, we strive to produce healthy dogs with excellent temperament and conformation. Our breeding dogs are genetically tested for inheritable diseases plus hips xrayed Top 10 interesting facts about Miniature American Shepherd, a devoted, intelligent and curious dog breed.SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://goo.gl/bTqgiS» Links to Rocad..

Mini Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Also known as the Mini American Shepherd, and Mini Aussie, this hardworking and loving dog can do almost anything it puts its mind to. The Mini Australian Shepherd comes from the standard Australian Shepherd, but with a few, small advantages - drive, adaptability, and devotion 6. Member Relations. a) Members are expected to express good sportsmanship in all activities involving the Miniature American Shepherd. b) Members must refrain from unnecessary criticism of another Club Member, another's Miniature American Shepherd or another's Kennel The Miniature American Shepherd is an incredibly active and energetic breed that requires plenty of daily exercises. In addition to long daily walks, this breed does very well when given training for various dog sports including fly ball, disc dog, agility and obedience - this training provides valuable mental and physical stimulation the keeps the dog in shape The Miniature American Shepherd is a small, athletic dog with a thick, medium length coat. Breeding smaller individuals of the standard-sized American Shepherd produces this unique breed, and like their larger counterparts, merle coats, light or two differently colored eyes, and bobbed tails can easily pick them out of a crowd American Shepherds are very sensitive, which lends to their above average astuteness and quick ability to learn and desire to please their pack members. Discipline only requires a stern voice and aggressive body language. These dogs truly desire to please their Pack Leaders

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  1. Miniature American Shepherd Puppies For Sale. Hide Breed Information. Breed Traits. National Breed Club. Description. History & Job. Health. Rescue. Personality: Smart, watchful, lively; a loyal..
  2. A Miniature Australian Shepherd (now recognized by AKC as Miniature American Shepherd) was developed by breeding smaller size Australian Shepherds for the desired size. Mini Aussies exhibit all the same characteristics as their larger variation: athleticism, intelligence, herding instinct, loyalty
  3. American Shepherd History. The proper name for the American Shepherd is the Miniature American Shepherd. But they actually started out in life known as Miniature Australian Shepherds. That's because when they first appeared on the Californian rodeo circuit in the 1960s, they were attributed as small Australian Shepherds

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  1. The Miniature American Shepherd moved to the Herding Group in July 2015. All breeding stock have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) ratings (hip), eyes cleared and scissors bite. With all of the newly available DNA testing, many are also tested for extensive DNA results
  2. The Miniature American Shepherd can be expected to live 12 to 13 years if they receive proper excercise and a Miniature American Shepherd dog food diet that keeps their weight between 20-40 pounds. The Miniature American Shepherd is generally considered medium-sized with a height of between 14 inches and 18 inches for males and 13 inches and 17 inches for females
  3. I am a small hobby breeder, who has achieved Breeder of Merit status with the American Kennel Club aka AKC. I am located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona (1 1/2 hours North of Phoenix). My goal is to produce Miniature American Shepherds of correct type, sound structure, and great temperaments. All my dogs are health tested prior to being bred
  4. The Miniature American Shepherd, frequently abbreviated MAS, is a small herding dog breed. The MAS is highly intelligent and biddable. The breed is often trained for dog sports such as herding, agility, obedience, canine freestyle, flyball, and others. The Miniature American Shepherd was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2015 and is the club's 186th breed. In September 2019, the.
  5. Der Miniature American Shepherd unterscheidet sich, außer in seiner Größe, nicht vom American Shepherd. Auf den ersten Blick erkennst du die Hunde als Miniaturausgaben des American Shepherd. Als typische Hütehunde sind die Tiere aufgeweckt, intelligent und bewegungsfreudig
  6. A Miniature American Shepherd with a Sensitive Stomach in Modern Times Their stunning red, blue and black marbled coat sets them apart from other shepherds both large and small. The Miniature American Shepherd has qualified to compete in both herding and tracking events at the American Kennel Club competitions
  7. I'm the breeder behind Southern Star Miniature American Shepherds located in Texas. We breed to the standard and focus on raising Miniature American Shepherd pups that are healthy, happy, outgoing and possess a stable temperament. It all starts with health tested parents

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  1. Miniature Australian Shepherd Loneliness The Miniature Australian Shepherd loves to be with the family, and is not recommended for families where it will be left alone for long periods of time. They are very well behaved dogs in the house and will quickly find a quiet out of the way spot to watch the family
  2. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a friendly and active breed that loves to play. AKC. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is part of the AKC's Herding Group. The breed was officially recognized by this renowned canine club in 2015 as Miniature American Shepherd
  3. iature american shepherd puppies with full tails. and a few pages of our personal puppy raising tips and suggestions for potty training and more. Valarie Allman (left) poses for a photo after breaking the American discus record on Aug. 1 and her puppy, Oly, a
  4. iature american shepherd, australian shepherd
  5. Miniature American Shepherd Profilbild - Lextergrace [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia CommonsDie Rasse wurde geschaffen, um eine Nische als zuverlässiger und aktiver Familienhund zu füllen, der für das Leben in der Stadt oder auf dem Land geeignet ist

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Miniature American Shepherds love to please and are easy to train so it is best to work with your puppy from an early age to teach basic skills, obedience and proper manners. Diet and Feeding. Depending on how active your Mini American Shepherd is you may want to consider a formula of dog food for active adults Miniature American Shepherds were recently recognized by AKC. Females range from 13 to 17 and males frange from 14 to 18. Miniature American Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and generaly easy to train. Even though this is a herding breed and they are sometimes too smart for their own good they are always willing to please. I breeds for both temperament and intelligence

The Miniature American Shepherd shares many physical traits with its forebear the Australian Shepherd—only on a smaller scale. Despite their size, Minis are every inch a true herding dog: energetic, versatile, rugged, and extremely bright. Mini's move with the smooth and agile step of a dog built for hard work on punishing terrain In the beginning of 1998, ARBA changed their breed name policy and through much consideration and discussion on the part of our club members and the Board of Directors of NASCUSA, formerly MASCUSA, Miniature Australian Shepherd was incorporated back into the name of our dogs, thus becoming the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd. Today, breeders of the Miniature Australian Shepherd continue to strive to produce Aussies of a smaller stature miniature american shepherd s must get some daily exercise in order to stay fit, stimulate their brains, and stay healthy. Daily physical activity also tends to help miniature american shepherds avoid boredom, which would often lead to destructive behavior Australian Shepherds & Miniature American Shepherds. Good temperament and disposition are very important to us because many of our pups go to homes where they must live with children and other animals. Many of our puppies also go to a variety of service homes

American Shepherd. We have chosen not to seek AKC recognition for our mini aussies, but stay with our past heritage as an Australian Shepherd of the smaller variety. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is still supported by many breeders. There are many show venues as well as the same registries as in the past. The Miniature Australia BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT: The Miniature American Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. An exceptional companion, he is versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. Although reserved with strangers, he does not exhibit shyness The Miniature American Shepherd is an average shedder and requires an occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush. Bathing is done only when it is necessary. They are energetic dogs and need plenty of vigorous exercise to stay in shape. Behavior / temperament: Miniature American Shepherds are a playful breed with a lot of energ Temperament. Intelligent, willing to please, and devoted, the Miniature American Shepherd is a herding dog that can be an excellent family pet. Owners must devote time to socialization and training to direct the breeds strong working instincts and drive Thinking about purchasing an Miniature American Shepherd? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history

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Miniature American Shepherd Temperament Miniature American Shepherds are working dogs with strong herding and guarding instincts. These dogs are reserved with strangers and make excellent watchdogs Miniature American Shepherds at Coyote Creek in Kansas. Fully health tested, with a good temperament, and correct structure for the breed are our priorities. We offer 1 or 2 quality litters of puppies each year Faithwalk Aussies - Miniature American Shepherds - This website is dedicated to the Australian Shepherd. It's a resource for information on the breed, nutrition, behavior, training, photos, education. Pups for sale occasionally Market Ave, Uniontown, OH 44685. Phone: 330-877-6230. We are located on a 62 acre farm in the country. We have 2 litters a year and our goal is to produce well socialized, wonderful companion and competition dogs, who are beautiful representatives of the Aussie breed. Our dogs are in the 16-17in height range

Very protective, loyal, affectionate, and bold, the Miniature Australian Shepherd makes an excellent companion for children. They are especially good with active children. However, they should be kept an eye on until you're sure the dog and the child will get along well Fancy is the larger of the three with the full white bib. Rosie is the red tri female, which was my keeper from her 2011 litter. Fancy is registered with National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR) as a Miniature Australian Shepherd and American Kennel Club (AKC) as a Miniature American Shepherd

There are other registries that still use the names Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds. AKC split the Australian Shepherd breed by size and the smaller size is now referred to as the Miniature American Shepherd. They retain all the qualities of the Australian Shepherd in conformation, working ability, temperament and loyalty Regular long walks are a must, but any Miniature American Shepherd would be psyched to get involved in sports. These herding dogs instinctively want to guard their flock and might bark at human or animal visitors, but they're not aggressive—a well-trained Miniature American Shepherd will be good natured and devoted 4 Paws represents strong commitment to the Miniature American Shepherds. Debi Shambaugh is no stranger to Aussies and the dog world. I have been training dogs for over those 47 years, mainly in the obedience field but in the past 7 years I have concentrated on confirmation events.I trained and handled dogs for movies and TV commercials for 10 years and her first Aussie; Jessie, was in a Walt. Showing off the beautiful movement, temperament and versatility of the Miniature American Shepherd. We are not a kennel. We are a performance dog home that breeds a few select litters for farms, families and dog sport companions Icy earned High in Trial Agility, High scoring QQ, and tied for High scoring EXB Jumpers. She also went 6 for 6, or 3 QQ's. It was humid, so she ran alittl..

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We strive to breed healthy, quality puppies with excellent confirmation and temperament. Breeds: Miniature American Shepherd. Kennel Name: Rolling Thunder Aussies. Breeder Name: Miranda McAdams. Website: http://www.rollingthunderaussies.com. Location: Utopia, TX 78884. Phone: (210) 232-1482 MASCUSA represents AKC Miniature American Shepherd breeders and owners across America and around the world. We are dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting our dogs and their owners. MASCUSA promotes sound and responsible breeding practices dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the Miniature American Shepherd Hot Springs, SD. 605-673-3361. We take our breeding program very serious in choosing the right adults to bring into our program. All of our adult dogs stand for excellent temperament, structure, movement, and working ability. We also do all necessary genetic testings for the Breed to assure a healthy long life breed: Miniature American Shepherd. They have forfeited their heritage and are becoming a new breed of dog all together. We chose to stay with our past heritage as an Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. Mini Aussies are supported by many breeders and can still be registered with MASCA, IMASC, NSDR, AKC, and ASDR

History The Miniature American Shepherd is a small herding dog breed. The breed is often trained for dogs sports such as herding, agility, obedience, canine freestyle, flyball and others Temperament. The Miniature American Shepherd is a very smart, active and loyal breed. Due to their high herding instincts they are best suited for homes with older children and no other pets. This breed requires a daily walk along with other physical and mental activity afterward The small German Shepherd loves to play. As with any dog, this energetic canine requires physical and mental stimulation. They prefer to stay busy whether it's a job, a variety of games, and skill challenges aside from the usual daily walks. Miniature German Shepherds need about 60 minutes of exercise a day

The Miniature Australian/American Shepherd is simply a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd. Over its 40+ year history, debate has been ongoing whether the development of the Mini Aussie has been as a breed separate from the Australian Shepherd, or as a variety of the Australian Shepherd Miniature German Shepherd - Breed Overview. When it comes to the Miniature German Shepherd, there is more than meets the eye. In fact, a lot of people don't realise that this breed is not a purebred dog. The common misconception with a Mini German Shepherd is that they are a smaller purebred German Shepherd The temperament of the Miniature American Shepherd makes it an excellent family pet. They are intelligent, very willing to please, and devoted to their family - especially their handler. Since they are active and intelligent, they require someone who is willing to spend the necessary time and attention to direct their socialization and training Not to be confused with the Miniature Australian Shepherd. The Miniature American Shepherd, frequently abbreviated MAS, is a small herding dog breed. The MAS is highly intelligent and biddable. The breed is often trained for dog sports such as herding, agility, obedience, canine freestyle, flyball, and others. In September 2019, the FCI officially accepted the breed. Red Merle Blue Merle Black. The Miniature American Shepherd shares similar hereditary health concerns with the Australian Shepherd. The main health issues seen in the Miniature American Shepherd are hip dysplasia and several eye diseases , including progressive retinal atrophy (PRA, a degenerative eye disease) and drug sensitivity due to a mutation of the MDR1 gene (which is commonly seen in herding breeds)

About the Mini Aussie. As the name suggests, the Miniature Australian Shepherd (also known as the North American Shepherd) is a scaled-down version of the familiar Australian Shepherd.However, at a height of 14 to 18 inches at the shoulder, this is not a teacup anything but rather a sturdy, mid-sized herding dog that needs regular exercise and an outlet for its energy Schaefer's Miniature American Shepherds. May 8 ·. Where Beauty and Brains Go Paw In Paw. Bred for temperament, health and beauty The miniature German shepherd is a designer breed that can function both as a household pet and as a working dog. It is a good looking and powerful breed. In this blog post, we shall cover its lineage, its temperament, maintenance schedule as well as health concerns Miniature Australian Shepherd Temperament This breed is very good-natured and willing to please its owner, especially when completing tasks. Miniature Australian Shepherds form very close bonds with their owners and may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long

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the mini Aussie remains a size variety of the Australian Shepherd, with a continuous gene pool. The dogs will NOT become a separate breed, UNLIKE the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. Dog owners and future owners concerned with maintaining Australian Shepherd heritage, instinct, temperament Both Miniature Australian Shepherd and American Bully are originated from United States. Both Miniature Australian Shepherd and American Bully are having almost same height. Miniature Australian Shepherd may weigh 34 kg / 74 pounds lesser than American Bully. Both Miniature Australian Shepherd and American Bully has almost same life span KALISPELL, MONTANA - ROXI ASDA/ NFDA Registered Black Tri Female Miniature American Shepherd (Mini Aussie) - Beautiful temperament and structure

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