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8 Tyre Reviews Lassa Snoways 3; 6 Tyre Reviews Lassa Impetus Sport; 5 Tyre Reviews Lassa DriveWays Sport; 4 Tyre Reviews Lassa Competus Winter 2; 4 Tyre Reviews Lassa Impetus Revo 2 Plus; 4 Tyre Reviews Lassa Atracta; 3 Tyre Reviews Lassa Competus HP; 3 Tyre Reviews Lassa Competus AT; 3 Tyre Reviews Lassa Impetus2; 2 Tyre Reviews Lassa Wintus; 2 Tyre Reviews Lassa Snoways2 Plu Q and A. Tyre review data from 18 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 216,390 miles driven. The Phenoma is ranked 47th of 129 Summer Ultra High Performance tyres. Sorry, we don't currently have any magazine tyre tests for the Lassa Phenoma. Yokohama Advan Sport V103 - 94% Lassa Tyres Review. review an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play) A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary; A periodical publication with critical articles on current events, the arts, etc

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The number of times the tire was involved in professional tire tests. The fact of the tire being on the bestseller lists on such reputed websites as amazon, tirerack, oponeo, simpletire, and others. The number of tire types and sizes . Value, max: unlimited. Value, average: 27 Lassa Greenways - Get info about tire model. Passenger Lassa Greenways - Summer Tire: characteristics, photo, available sizes, tire specifications and start year of production. Advantages and disadvantages of the model in customer reviews, videos and discussions

Lassa Impetus Revo Plus (1) 70%: 80%: 80%: 90%: 80%: 80%: Firenza ST01A (4) 83%: 78%: 80%: 83%: 80%: 85%: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric (139) 91%: 88%: 82%: 79%: 71%: 80%: Bridgestone Turanza T005 (66) 88%: 86%: 82%: 82%: 76%: 81%: Lassa Impetus Revo (11) 88%: 82%: 83%: 78%: 76%: 77%: GT Radial CHAMPIRO SX2 (11) 91%: 65%: 85%: 90%: 74%: 72%: Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 (30) 77%: 87%: 74%: 72%: 88%: 88%: Michelin Energy Saver Plus (55) 85%: 72

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Lassa DriveWays Sport - Get info about tire model. Passenger Lassa DriveWays Sport - Summer Tire: characteristics, photo, available sizes, tire specifications and start year of production. Advantages and disadvantages of the model in customer reviews, videos and discussions Lassa Competus Winter: The best sub-premium tyres for winter conditions. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new. Lassa Impetus Revo outperforms 3 other OE fitment tyres on every tyre test LASSA TYRES ~ Lassa Driveways Sports Tires. in Tires. LASSA TYRES ~ Lassa Driveways Sports Tires. by Yasmine Halim October 25, 2017, 11:15 am 1.6k Views. 124. SHARES. Share Tweet. Just one out of the numerous ranges of Lassa Tires made available by Lassa's Exclusive Distributor for Malaysia & Singapore PTS Marketing S/B,. This Michelin tyre excels in the dry. The grip and stability it provides in corners meant that it achieved the fastest lap time on a dry test track, making it the best tyre for dry handling


Tyresonline.sg is an online tyre shop in Singapore. Buy Car Tyres Online at an affordable price and Get tyres installed at our installer partner shop Tread along with control #LassaTyres #SriLanka. 11. Powerful traction on every surface with asymmetric tread pattern #Lassa #LassaSriLanka. 5. Perfect road handling and short stopping distance, Impetus Revo is designed for the drivers to feel themselves more secure #Lassa #LassaSriLanka Select your tyre width 480 460 420 380 360 340 320 300 295 280 275 265 255 245 235 225 215 205 195 185 184 175 169 165 155 149 145 136 125 124 112 16 9,5 8,5 7,5 7,0 6,7 6,5 6,0 5,5 Not sure

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Lassa Impetus Revo 205/60 R16. I have done about 60-80 000 miles with these tyres. Grip Their grip in the dry is excellent. In the wet, they are v good too. Ride and Handling These tyres replaced a set of Michelin. In my honest opinion, the Lassa tyres feel much better when you are cornering Buy Tyres with Tyres-online.sg. Buying new tyres can be a very complex process. Consumers can never tell if they're getting the best tyre prices and it can be very challenging to determine value and cost comparisons at varying tyre shops LASSA TYRES. Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia & Singapore . The foundations of Lassa, which has now celebrated its 41 st anniversary in the tyre business as Turkey's leading established brand, were laid back in 1974. Founded by the Sabancı Group of Companies and partners, Lassa was renamed Brisa ten years after starting production in 1978 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

Lassa Tyres are sold in the UK. Whilst researching for the FRS, Kumho were constantly being mentioned & seemed good value for money from the reviews etc. Tuvra. 7,852 posts. 189 month Your tyre review. Thank you for taking 60 seconds out of your day to review your tyres. By leaving your review, you will help the millions of tyre researchers that visit Tyre Reviews every month help find the right tyres for their car! Step 1 - Your Tyres. Your Tyre: Lassa Snoways 2C . Tyre Size:. Lassa Tyres recently surprised the FC Barcelona Lassa teams with holiday gift tyres. According to the company, from now on the global talent of FC Barcelona Lassa Teams will be under the protection of Lassa Tyres, whose durability and strong construction is approved by TUV SUD and is globally recognized Lassa Tyres took place in the Tire Expo Asia on 19-21 March 2019 in Singapore As Lassa Tyres, we are attending The Tire Cologne. Please visit us at Hall 7.1, Boot A060 Lassa Tyres Saudi. October 2, 2020 ·. إطار Driveways من لاسا، مصمم خصيصاً لأقوى أداء وأطول عمر. #arabiantiresksa. #lassatyres. Lassa's Driveways frame, specially designed for the strongest and longest performance. #arabiantiresksa #lassatyres. Translated. 1717

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Tyres Lassa Driveways Sport with prices from 7 640 RUR. Info, results of tests with Driveways Sport, owners reviews Lassa - tyres 2021 - market overview, tests, reviews. Winter 40% Summer Allround Tyres Lassa Multiways. Info, results of tests with Multiways, owners reviews. Saint + add review Reviews There are no reviews on this tyre yet Add review Similar Tyres Goodyear Vector 4Seasons. Price from 1 730 RUR. Offers: 577 Кама Кама Евро-131. Price. My account Cart Tyre Dealers Find a Dealer Search By Size Search By Vehicle Search By Brand Tyre Reviews (5,218) Buy Windscreen Wiper Blades Car Advice. Close. Dealer Login. Enter in your e-mail address and password to . {{message}} Email address. Password. LASSA TYRES . Search. By Vehicle Make

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Car handles very well, better than other budget tyres have bought. I have just completed 1500km with a fully laden car in wet weather conditions. All felt safe, braking hard in the wet caused little problems of a wheel shake, but that maybe something else, as speed reduced so did the wobble.Fully confident in the use of these tyres Amongst the many popular Lassa tyre patterns that have received encouraging response from the market are Driveways, Driveways Sports and Greenways passenger tyres, Impetus Revo comfort tyre, Competus A/T 2 and Competus H/P for 4x4 vehicles and Tranway 2 Light commercial Vehicle tyres and Maxiways tyres for truck, van and minibus. Lassa Driveways and Lassa Impetus Revo are high performance comfort tyres that have been developed for a considerably wide vehicle pool, ranging from middle class. The Lassa tyre brand will be established not too far away from the top brands, Kuran points out. Sell-out prices will be about 8-10 per cent below Bridgestone's sell-out prices in Russia; the Bridgestone brand itself cannot be exported by Brisa but only sold in Turkey Makers were asked to nominate a tyre from their range with no restrictions on weight or speed ratings. The 10 we tested were a mix of 91 and 94 weight ratings, and primarily V speed ratings (up to.

Linglong tyres can be a cost effective solution when looking for good performance at low cost. Here at Amtyre, we offer a wide range of budget & cheap Linglong tyres in Singapore. Other than car tyres, we sell performance tyres, run flat tyres and commercial truck tyres Tread pattern with three wide centre ribs for high speed driving stability and sinusoidal groove for maximum water drainage. ( 8 Reviews ) Editorial Product Reviews. Kumho ECSTA HM KH31 - A good set of tyres won't tire you out. Kumho ECSTA HM KH31 blends high-end design, advanced manufac.. Lassa Driveways tyre reviews. Car summer tyres - Lassa. Our shop categories: Car summer tyres - Lassa - Driveways. Score 1.30. 01.03.2019 from Krunoslav. Note 1.30. (10,000 km gefahren) Grip in dry conditions 14 Momo Tyres. 80 Nankang Tyres. 162 Toyo Tyres. 47 Vredestein Tyres. If you don't know what tyres you need for your car, look now further. Compare over 180,000 products, using our unique metascore-based tyre reviews. We're journalists, we don't sell any tyres, so you can trust what we say I buy my tyre to my mercedes a45..before that I want to buy a Michelin PS4,but tyre shop recemend this tyre..he said more safe money and get the top performance as a PS4..it's a good tyre for cruising or sport mode.. good grip and save money

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Good - Tyre Compare was useful Bad - I'm not satisfied with my experience. I truly value your opinion. It's vital to make sure we can continue to improve our service in the future. Regards, Matt Banks Customer service www.tyrecompare.com.au The Lassa tyres Phenoma - Lassa's brand new performance tire - is designed for sports cars and sportive drivers. With its excellent handling, it offers driving to the limit on both dry and wet surfaces. Phenoma's quick responses to sudden moves and excellent braking capacity will surely fascinate its user

Call Local Tyre Dealer Search Tyres by Vehicle Search Tyres by Brand Search Tyres by Size Tyre Reviews (5,250) Auto Glass. Buy Wiperblades Online Glass Replacement & Repairs. Other. Car Advice, Tips & News My Account Cart Tyre Dealers. Close. Dealer Login. Enter in your e-mail address and password to . {{message}} Email address Lassa 16 Tyre. $90 - $100 . Condition. Brand New. Category. Tyres and Rims, 16 Tyre. Suitable For. All Models.

Has excellent handling in the wet and dry, short wet and dry braking distances. Specially made for premium SUVs providing you excellent braking, handling and comfort. Make the most of your sports car with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. Developed in partnership with AMG, Porsche and Ferrari Lassa Impetus Revo - Get info about tire model. Passenger Lassa Impetus Revo - Summer Tire: characteristics, photo, available sizes, tire specifications and start year of production. Advantages and disadvantages of the model in customer reviews, videos and discussions Seriously cheap tyres for cars and commercial vehicles. Take advantage of what we have to offer. Unbeatable prices. Free delivery within the UK. Low price tire fitting services all over the UK. Simple to order. Range of payment methods available. Huge choice of tyres

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  1. Lassa Impetus REVO tyres review. Grip in dry conditions Braking in dry conditions Grip in wet conditions Braking in wet conditions : Driving comfort Internal noise level Tyre wear Fuel consumption : Average based on 9 test results Ø 21,444 km driven Score 2.07. 06.01.2015 from Dave
  2. So it is with the set of Bridgestone Ecopia EP300s on test here. Provided by Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore, the new Ecopias have adorned the office Prius for six months now, enough time for us to put just over 5,000km on them. We had a set of Ecopia EP300s in 195/65R15 fitted to our office Prius. But we didn't pay for them
  3. Within our extensive catalogue we feature a wide selection of tyres online for every type of UK vehicle and driving style. So whether you need cheap car tyres for your Ford Focus, van tyres for a Ford Transit, 4x4 tyres to be fitted to your Range Rover, or even caravan tyres - we've got you covered. With low prices and cheap tyres online
  4. Prices, reviews & where to buy Bridgestone. Car product reviews, product info & where to buy car accessories, performance parts, car audio, car care, tyres & rims & more in Singapore. The Only Place For Smart Car Buyers
  5. Tyres, Tires, 4 Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balacning, Rotation, Bridgesotne Tyre, Michelin Tyre, Dunlop, Kumho, Goodyear, Pirell

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  1. Lassa tyres are turning for customer satisfaction One of the main characteristics that make Lassa a leading producer is the perfect service provided to the customers. To combine the best product with the best service is the top priority in Lassa's corporate philosophy
  2. Lassa Tyres Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing See what your friends are saying about Lassa Tyres
  3. General Car Discussion. Japanese Talk. Conti Talk. Maintenance & Repairs. Tyres and Rims. New Age Polish. Most Active Discussions. All Latest Discussions. 3,452 topics in this forum
  4. Fill out the form and our team will be in touch with you promptly. Thank you for your interest! 9 Nicol Street Kirckaldy, KY1 1NY 01383 623853 info@dandgautocare.co.uk www.dandgautocare.co.uk Fill out the form and let us know about your car repair and your existing quote. Our team will be in touc
  5. SZE YUAN'S MAZDA 6. I feel that the Turanza T001 really fit the bill as a luxury touring tyre - they excel not just solely in comfort aspects, but manage to blend comfort, dry grip, and fuel efficiency in an all-rounded package.

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  1. Car Tyres in Singapore | Goodyear. WE'RE ABOUT. MOVING FORWARD. TOGETHER. For over 100 years, Goodyear has been changing the way people move. From the tyres made for your cars to the ones we put on the moon, we're always looking forward. Let us take you where you want to go. More about Goodyear
  2. The best tyre brand in Malaysia would have to go to renowned brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Pirelli. They're considered premium tyre brands for the impeccable quality they always deliver with their tyres. However, if you want tyres that will stand the test of time, Pirelli tyres should be your go-to
  3. LASSA tyres are particularly recognized for their excellent performance during the Turkish and Italian rallies. LASSA tyres are designed for passenger cars, 4x4, trucks, vans, tractors, dump trucks and rally cars. LASSA designs have both versions : summer tyres and winter tyres
  4. Find out how Bridgestone's sporty road tyre handles Singapore's sloppy tarmac . Text: Deyna 'Hypercrack' Chia Photos: Derryn Wong . SINGAPORE - The Bridgestone Battlax S21 has been available in Singapore for some months now, and we thought it a good time to give a quick on-road review, particularly on the back of our review of the Yamaha XSR 900 which came fitted as standard with the.
  5. Lassa Car tyres from 72.00 $ Find best prices for 591 Car tyres and save money with Tyres-best.com.au (Date 03.04.2021)
  6. Lassa Impetus Revo 2+ reviews Summary: 4.1 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre's features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 2 reviews
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  1. Thank you for your tyre review. For your chance to win a $500 towards your next purchase with Tyre Compare, simply review your recent experience with us. Click the buttons below to leave your review! Good - Tyre Compare was useful Bad - I'm not satisfied with my experience
  2. Fantastic ordering experience from start to finish. Great price, quality and del... Craig. 2 days ago. When you look tyres, use this company. I'm using oponeo in many countries Germany Poland and now in UK and be honest I'... Mr Patryk Buksa. 2 days ago. Great prices and delivery was very
  3. Check Lassa Snoways 3 tyres on Oponeo.ie. Read tyre descriptions and reviews. Make the right choice regarding your new tyres
  4. Turanza T001 ECO. 205/55 R16 91H. VW. 71 dB. Passenger summer. 71 dB. Passenger summer. 56,59 £ In stock. 56,59 £ In stock Free delivery from 72h

Be competitive and efficient, with Lassa tyres. Established in 1974 by the Sabancı Group, the leading industrial conglomerate in Turkey at that time, the production of Lassa tyres began in 1978. The joint venture synergy resulted from the partnership with the Bridgestone Corporation allowed the company, renamed Brisa, to significantly increase its product range and technological base The new TURANZA T005A is engineered with Bridgestone's advanced technology to take care of your needs on the road. When you journey with the world's most trusted tyre brand, you know you'll always arrive at your best. View T005A Tyre Detail View all TURANZA tyres. YouTube. Bridgestone Tyre Singapore. 91 subscribers. Subscribe Lassa Snoways 2+ tyres review. Grip in dry conditions Braking in dry conditions Grip in wet conditions Braking in wet conditions Grip in snow : Driving comfort Internal noise level Tyre wear Fuel consumption : Average based on 16 test results Ø 29,563 km driven Score 2.41. 29.01.2021 This is one of the reasons tyre reviews and car tyres tests are so important. You might know what tyre size you need, for example, but you don't know how well the driving comfort truly is, or if there are other benefits to a specific product that aren't clear on the tyre label Lassa 15 Tyre Select Category Car Accessories Car Performance Parts Cosmetic Enhancement Items Tyres and Rims In Car Entertainment Car Grooming Repair & Maintenance Car Rental Misc Non-car-related Items New Car Ready Stoc

Check Lassa Snoways Era tyres on our page and learn more about their properties. Read latest reviews about this model. It will definitely help you to make a choice regarding your new tyres. Lowest prices and free delivery 25% More Mileage. - MICHELIN Energy XM2+ Tyres lasts 25% longer compared to other premium tyre brands.*. * The new MICHELIN Energy XM2+ lasts longer than premium competitors by 25% . Longevity test conducted by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co.,Ltd (CATARC) (an independent 3rd party), on Michelin's request, in September 2018. POTENZA RE-71R, track racing tyre, is tuned for maximum handling and engineered to deliver faster lap times on the track. Designed to fit performance cars Tyres Lassa Snoways 4 with prices from 2 500 RUR. Info, results of tests with Snoways 4, owners reviews Choose summer, winter and all-season tyres Lassa for your car on our website, compare prices, specifications and buy Lassa in online stores

And one of the cheapest tyres, the Lassa Impetus Revo ($117), was second-top for wet braking, stopping in a shorter distance than all but the Continental. Among other tyres evaluated were the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance ($189) and the Roadstone N Blue ECO ($111) The dry slalom saw the Lassa tyre secure fifth. Though it was not very communicative, it had the grip to get through the cones quickly, which hinted at more surprise performances from the Turkish tyre Lassa Driveways 205/55/16 Tyre Select Category Car Accessories Car Performance Parts Cosmetic Enhancement Items Tyres and Rims In Car Entertainment Car Grooming Repair & Maintenance Car Rental Misc Non-car-related Items New Car Ready Stoc Lassa Driveways 215/55/17 Tyre For Sale | MCF Marketplace. Jump to content. Extraordinary deal from Jaguar! Watch our FB Live, 8PM, 4th March 2021 (Get $10 Petrol Voucher when you register here! 3) H Tyre Pte Ltd (Photo Credit: H Tyre Pte Ltd) H Tyre is committed to bringing in an abundance of tyre and rim brands to give the best to their customers. They have become pioneers in aftermarket rims retailing and distribution after their establishment in 2003 and have continued growing ever since

What's great is that, compared to other bike parts, getting the best road bike tyres needn't cost the earth. Every tyre on this list has an RRP of £70 or less per tyre, and can most often be. Yokohama Specs - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007Y3XZEY/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B007Y3XZEY&linkCode=as2&tag=gerardb.. 3.9 from 60 reviews. Latest review: Replaced 4 new tyres for my falcon 235/55/17 from day one i feel uncomfortable and poor handling,checked couple of times nothing wrong found in car spoken with bridgestone care too but nothing sorted. Compare. Review Summary For all car tyres, come to our workshop in Singapore We have more than 40 years of industry experience and have earned a reputation as Singapore's most reputable sports rims and tyre shop. Our team also offers car batteries, 24-hour roadside assistance, rim refurbishing , towing services and air conditioning service and repair, so choose our team of skilled mechanics and have full peace of mind

Tyres Lassa Competus Winter with prices from 3 958 RUR. Info, results of tests with Competus Winter, owners reviews Buy tyres online at Tyrepac and have them fitted at a fitment outlet of your choice, or fit from the convenience of your home or workplace with Tyrepac's mobile fitment service. Latest car tyres & motorcycle tyre prices, promotions available for all brands As it is with a fresh set of tyres, improved refinement was very obvious. The tyres were eerily quiet on Day One, and after five months, continue to be quiet even at highway speeds. Even the missus has noticed that tyre noise seems almost absent, however accentuating wind noise around the A-pillar and front windows About AL Tyre. AL Tyres has 4 huge tyres and rims showrooms in Singapore, locating at Paya Lebar, Woodlands, Jurong and Bukit Merah.. We specialize in new/used tyres and rims for local and export markets, sourced from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and many other countries. With up to thousands of designs in new/used tyres and rims of renowned brands, we assure our valuable customers that you can. Tyre reviews Over 90,000 independent reviews. Articles The greatest tyre knowledge source on the Internet. Tools Markings, pressure, exchangebles, speed and load indexes

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